Quality as foundation

Quality forms the foundations of our work at Nutrilo. However, the focus is not solely on the quality of products and services. Quality at Nutrilo is evident throughout the entire company; it is a permanent goal for all employees and influences all aspects of what the company does. This acute awareness of quality as a key characteristic of Nutrilo. Health and safety at work, mutual respect, being honest and decent, listening and being understanding are just some of the aspects we think are key to our company's concept of quality.

Highest quality standards

In order to meet the high standards of our customers, consumers and ourselves, we carry out certifications according to the global standard of IFS Food (International Featured Standard), Higher Level, which are regularly reviewed by audits of accredited certification bodies.

In addition, we have developed and implemented an extensive HACCP concept, the conformity of which is checked and confirmed by the competent authorities with the standard of IFS  as well as with Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 on Food Hygiene. Moreover, Nutrilo has a seamless material management system and barcode-guided production facilities and warehouses.

Certification according to RSPO, Halal and Kosher

The organizational and technical environment of our production is the basis for fulfilling the highest quality requirements and enables us, among other things, to manufacture with certified RSPO, Halal and/or Kosher status. It goes without saying that regular analyses are carried out by independent, accredited laboratories as part of quality assurance.

SEDEX® Membership and SMETA

In order to meet the demands of our stakeholders, we have developed a social and ethical code that is reflected in clear structures and a fair working environment. Our highly motivated staff helps to achieve the goals they set themselves and to constantly define new ones. This enthusiasm of our whole staff is reflected in the successful Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), which we carry out every two years.

AEO-F Certification

Since  2011, Nutrilo was granted an AEO-F certificate (Authorised Economic Operator – customs simplification and security and safety). This now enables easier access to customs simplifications under Art. 14b para. 1 of the Customs Code Implementing Provisions (ZK-DVO) and recognition as a safe trading partner worldwide.



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Energy policy at Nutrilo

We are dedicated to continuously and systematically optimising the energy sources we use by developing an energy management system to DIN EN 50001:2018.

The aim is to sustainably reduce our energy consumption, taking into account the financial and technical options available to our company and to boost the energy efficiency of processes.

We are committed to continuously and systematically optimising the utilisation of the energy carries used by us with the development of an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN 50001:2018

DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 for the energy related processes in the technical area Industry – light to medium, in the subarea pharmaceutical industry, in relation to the production of food supplements as well as the trade of raw materials (vitamins, minerals and ingredients for the food industry).

To achieve this, the following are just some of the elements of the company's approach:

  • Provision of the necessary financial, personnel and technical resources,
  • Systematic acquisition and assessment of energy aspects and energy data,
  • Specification of selected energy saving goals and the related schemes,
  • Provision of the necessary information for monitoring the realisation of the schemes and the progress of the set goals,
  • Regular provision of information to and training of staff influencing energy consumption,
  • Motivation of all employees to implement the energy goals and schemes.

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