Nutrilo quality management

Quality forms the foundations of our work at Nutrilo. However, the focus is not solely on the quality of products and services. Quality at Nutrilo is evident throughout the entire company; it is a permanent goal for all employees and influences all aspects of what the company does. This acute awareness of quality as a key characteristic of Nutrilo.  

We are convinced that this commitment to quality is central to the success of the company and, in future, will be the deciding factor for the preservation and expansion of our market positions.

Quality in our market segments is shaped first and foremost by strict adherence to directives, statutory regulations, standards, specifications and procedures.


As part of quality management, we have precisely defined high quality standards for all our products and processes, the compliance with and continuous improvement of which are elements of the corporate culture practised at Nutrilo.

In order to transform our high quality requirements into a quality strategy with a corresponding quality management system, we have been undergoing various certification processesever since 1995.

The use of ultra-modern computer-supported production facilities guarantees efficient and cost-effective production whilst ensuring consistently high product quality. All internal processes are controlled and handled by SAP Software. In addition, Nutrilo has implemented a new material management system which represents a holistic IT solution for production, storage and logistics as well as quality assurance and development. This includes the automation of all order and material data flow and their processes.

Moreover, many further demands are also made on our quality as a result of our desire to fully satisfy our customers' wishes as well as our own expectations in terms of quality. Health and safety at work, mutual respect, being honest and decent, listening and being understanding are just some of the aspects we think are key to our company's concept of quality.


As a company in the PHW Group, we set great store by sustainability and environmental protection; after all, what all companies in the PHW Group share is the desire to help ensure that future generations have the same or better opportunities in life. 



We would like to receive your  Feedback on our quality, because we think good communication with customers and suppliers also comes under the heading of quality.


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